For Patients


"Don, I am writing to express my appreciation for all you have done for me and all that I was able to accomplish under your guidance.  This year I was able to take both my tennis and swimming to a whole new level, even after my shoulder injury.  I even went to state, a goal I had, but thought for certain unattainable.  Your hard work and persistence really affected and inspired me to a successful end to my sports career.  I always enjoyed sharing the positive triumphs with you and overcoming these obstacles together, as we talked about cars, college, and life.  You're a great man and a terrific therapist.Thanks again."  


“I am writing in regards to DeeDee and the helpers that have assisted me in therapy.  DeeDee was so personable, helpful and friendly.”


“Things are going well with my knee recovery.  I am very thankful to you and your staff.”


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care I am receiving from you and your staff.  You are an amazing man who touches people’s lives and truly makes a difference.  Being healed and getting back to our daily activities is truly a gift.  Thank you!”


“Thanks to you and your staff for helping me with my knee.  It is a great staff that you have.  DeeDee and Jill did a great job of working with me and showing me what to do.”


“I want to express my sincere thanks to you [John], Michelle and the rest of the team at PVPT.  My recovery from knee surgery would not have been as successful as it was without you.  I am impressed with the level of care provided to me and the interest showed in my healing process.

With your help and the help of your great staff I have been able to return to work and pursue my career in teaching fire science.

Rest assured that should I ever need therapy in the future I will return to Puyallup Valley Physical Therapy for treatment.

Again, thank you.”


“You are such a wonderful group of people.  You are always so supportive and cheerful.  I have been so blessed with your professional and efficient care during my PT visits!  Thank you so much.”


“Wow!  You people are terrific!  Such treatment I was afforded!  I really felt like you cared and it speaks so very highly of you.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!”


“It’s time someone besides me enjoys the ‘fruits of your labor.’  You are all the greatest.  It’s been a frustrating summer but because of you and your excellent care, I am out and about.  I love you guys.”


“We are so pleased with the care received during treatment.  In today’s world, it was nice to have that genuine concern when we really needed it!  Thanks for all your efforts and we look forward to future visits to your office.”


“Thank you for the good care and kindness.  I’m forever grateful.”