Physical therapy carefully planned to fit each patient’s condition
and individual goals

All patients are thoroughly evaluated to determine the nature and degree of their physical dysfunction.  An individualized treatment plan, utilizing a variety of techniques, is designed to optimize recovery. As treatment progresses, therapists reassess and revise the plan to ensure continued gains. Patient involvement in a home program is always emphasized. Rapid recovery and prevention of re-injury are primary goals.

Because of the wide variety of patients and conditions seen, Puyallup Valley Physical Therapy includes the following areas of specialized care:

  • Geriatric Care 
  • Total Joint Replacement Program
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Ligament Reconstruction (ACL) Therapy                             
  • Sports Rehabilitation / Testing & Strengthening
  • Spinal Care / Manual Therapy
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Overuse Syndromes
  • Return to Work / Pain Management
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Osteoarthritis and ACL Bracing
  • Pregnancy and Post-Partum
  • Posture Analysis and Correction
  • Gait / Balance Training
  • Isokinetic Strength / KT 1000 Test
  • Rehabilitation Supplies

"Closer to the Finish Line"