How Physical Therapy Can Put Your Knees on the Road to Recovery

How Physical Therapy Can Put Your Knees on the Road to Recovery


Did you recently injure your knee or have surgery?  Maybe the joint is just stiff and achy due to arthritis?  If your discomfort is making it hard to move around, it may be time to speak with a physical therapist specializing in muscle and joint problems.  

You can find expert and affordable knee therapy in Puyallup, WA, at Puyallup Valley Physical Therapy.  Whether your pain is a result of injury, surgery or arthritis, the right physical therapist can advise you and design a treatment plan that aims at rebuilding your strength, flexibility, and eliminating pain. 

Most important, focusing on your specific knee problems prevents further worsening, promotes a quicker recovery, and allows you to return to your normal routine as soon as possible. 

A more certain knee recovery is the outcome!

What to Expect  

The purpose of your first session is to see how physical therapy can help with decreasing your discomfort and improving your function.  How your knee moves and supports you in daily activities will help determine the severity of your problem and proper care for recovery. 

Assessment may include strength, range of motion, balance and activity testing.  Pain and swelling problems can more quickly be helped with any specialty treatment devices added to important recommendations for home care.  You will leave that first session with a better understanding of your knee’s needs and as a partner in your own care.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Continued therapy appointments are determined by need, speed of recovery, and possible physician referral.  Treatments for pain and swelling may be continued if necessary, but individualized strength and range of motion exercises will be progressed to your tolerance with emphasis on a home-based treatment program.  Your progress will be checked, and necessary adjustments made, by your same therapist

Additional challenges to your program will prepare you to return to optimal daily and work activities with safety and confidence.  Your therapist will call to check on you, even after you are discharged, and you will always have the ability to call if questions come up later or if you would like to come in for a courtesy recheck.

What If I Don’t Have a Referral? 

Even if you have not been referred for physical therapy, you can speak with a physical therapist about possible treatment and, once an individual plan has been designed, it can be sent to your primary care physician for approval.

Why Puyallup Valley Physical Therapy? 

If you are looking for physical therapy in Puyallup or surrounding areas, come visit Puyallup Valley Physical Therapy.  We are a family-owned clinic that is operated by physical therapists who have provided outstanding, highly personalized service since 1979 to patients of numerous physicians and surgeons. 

We are located near Meridian Street South in a serene, park-like setting.  Our unique facility offers private treatment rooms, same personalized therapist care, a warm, supportive atmosphere, and barrier free access with easy parking.  Weekend and holiday coverage is provided for emergencies or post-surgical needs, and we offer rapid, no-waiting scheduling as well.  State-of-the-art equipment for treatment and testing, as well as loaner or wholesale cost devices to make home programs more effective and speed your recovery.

If you have been suffering from persistent knee pain and discomfort and even think you might need physical therapy, call us at (253) 848-2309 for advice or let one of our highly trained physical therapists evaluate your condition and develop a truly individualized plan of care. 

Don’t let either acute or chronic knee problems continue to disrupt your quality of life and worsen in the future.  Professional and personalized knee therapy in Puyallup is just a call away.